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Expressions by Wingtip Labs

You should learn Regular Expressions

If you write code or wrangle servers, you should be using regular expressions to make your job easier.

Expressions is a 40-level interactive tutorial. When you create an account, you get the first 10 levels free.
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But Regular Expressions are Ugly!

Sure, regular expressions look like a string of cartoon curses. But they're powerful.

Consider a single LEGO brick. (Better yet, recall stepping on one barefoot!) One LEGO is all sharp corners and garish color. But you can't possibly look at one brick in isolation and imagine all the incredible things it could build.

Why would I play a game to learn Regular Expressions?

Regular expressions are built out of a few simple parts that interact in complicated ways. It's easy to find books and web sites that cover the parts, but there's no better way to get your head around the combinations than to play with them. So I've built a set of challenges that introduce you to the parts, then show you how to put them together in strange and powerful ways.

What kind of game is this?

In Expressions, you'll solve a series of sorting puzzles, using real regular expressions to sort lines of text (strings) into "match" and "don't match". Most levels are generated dynamically, to ensure there's replay value even in lessons you've beaten repeatedly.

But the best way to get a feel for it would be to

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What are people saying?

"I bought the Regex program this morning. ... Thanks! It is a great product."
- Phil from Providence, Rhode Island

"I wish I had this at school."
- Anonymous from Nottingham, England

"Thank you for the game. It is tremendously helpful for learning regular expressions."
- Justin from College Station, Texas